Country star Gretchen Wilson made quite a public resolution recently, announcing that she's quitting cigarettes for good. In front of about 1,000 fans and her entire crew in Rosenberg, Texas, the 'Redneck Woman' singer promised to stop smoking. She then immediately lit up and savored her last cigarette.

After the show, Wilson tossed out any remaining cigarettes along with any lighters and ashtrays. According to The Boot she said, "I figured if I said it from stage in front of my fans, I'd stick to it and so far I have."

The sultry country singer has been a longtime smoker, but in 2004 told a photographer backstage, "Don't take a picture of me smoking. I don't want kids to think it's cool to smoke." When asked what her most disgusting habit was, Wilson has said, "Probably chewing tobacco. It was how I quit smoking." In 2005, she told a concert crowd that she would stop plugging Cherry Skoal chewing tobacco when singing her song 'Skoal Ring.’

Redneck Records' Bob Mitchell tells All Access that she is "still doing great, keeping her vow so far in 2011 to kick the nicotine habit." Mitchell also says that her Grammy-nominated song 'I'd Love To Be Your Last,' which can be found on her latest album, 'I Got Your Country Right Here,' will be her next single on country radio in the coming weeks.