Hayden Panettiere has settled a lawsuit with her former dog sitter. TMZ reports that the sitter, Tia Brooks, sued Panettiere in July, accusing the Nashville actress of leaving her two rescue dogs with her for six years.

Panettiere allegedly paid Brooks $119,335.88 over the six years claims the sitter was a crook and gave her dogs away, pretending she was still caring for them. Still, Brooks sued the actress for $8,500 in back pay she felt was owed.

TMZ confirms that the case was settled for half the amount that Brooks was demanding — Panettiere ultimately paid the sitter $4,250. In an interview with the gossip outlet, Brooks reveals that the dogs are now with a friend after Panettiere's mother reached out and said she should find them a permanent home.

Panettiere is currently gearing up for a new season of Nashville. A behind-the-scenes clip from the series — which will officially debut on CMT on Jan. 5 — gives fans a hint of what's to come in 2017.

“You can tell when it’s not time, and it wasn’t time,” Charles Esten, who plays Deacon on the show, says about the sudden cancellation of the show earlier this year.

The cast members agree that the show has a new energy now being on a new network. “It kind of feels, in some ways, like a new show,” says Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery Barkley.

Lennon Stella who plays Maddie Conrad, the eldest daughter of Rayna Jaymes on the show, said she sees the shift as a good thing, adding, “Honestly, I think it feels better."

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