Nashville star Hayden Panettiere shut down any rumors of a breakup from her fiance Wladimir Klitschko on Thursday (July 7), posting an adorable family photo. Earlier in the week the actress was spotted out and about without her engagement ring, which sparked gossip about a possible split from the 40-year-old Ukranian boxing champion.

The photo shows the couple together with their with their daughter 18-month-old daughter, Kaya.

Panettiere, 26, addressed the rumors directly in the caption of the photo, writing, "missing rings don’t mean the end of relationships." The two came together in 2009 but split in 2011, reconciling once again in 2013. In October of that year the couple were engaged, and they welcomed their baby girl in December 2014.

The actress has been fairly transparent about her struggles with postpartum depression since her daughter's birth, recently seeking treatment for the illness.

"The postpartum depression I have been experiencing has impacted every aspect of my life," Panettiere announced on Twitter at the time. "Rather than stay stuck due to unhealthy coping mechanisms I have chosen to take time to reflect holistically on my health and life."

She has continued her role on the show Nashville, however, and despite its recent cancellation from ABC, the series will continue into Season 5, now on CMT. Both Panettiere and her co-star Connie Britton are confirmed to return in their roles. The show’s creator has said the upcoming season may focus more on the ups and downs of the music industry.

“One thing I would like to deal with is the collapse of the music business and just how hard it is,” Calli Khouri shares. “This stuff is really hard. You can’t just put out a record and suddenly it’s No. 1 and all of a sudden they’re big stars. That’s not how it happens. So, I think we are going to deal more with the struggle of it. I think that’s a truer representation of what’s really going on. And I think the public should be aware of the fact that what’s common practice out in the universe paying for Spotify or Pandora is bankrupting the music industry."

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