Country fans have found a favorite song from Tim McGraw's new 'Two Lanes of Freedom' album. 'Highway Don't Care' -- a collaboration with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban -- is the track that's creating the most buzz on the internet in the days since the project's Feb. 5 release. Suddenly, there's an epidemic of creative fan covers on YouTube.

As is the case with the platform, maybe of the fan covers are less than extraordinary. We've dug through dozens of videos to find the most creative, most talented and/or most, ummm... unique up-and-coming artists.

'Highway Don't Care' Guitar Cover -- Multi-instrumentalist Seth Griffin may or may not be able to sing, but he clearly thinks he plays guitar better than anything else. Watch him tear through Urban's licks and solos with flawless precision.

'Highway Don't Care' Boyband Cover -- We'll let you decide for yourselves if this cover by 'Joel' is any good. It's certainly a professional cover, complete with a full video. That's quick work putting it to YouTube just days after the album became available.

'Tim McGraw' / 'Highway Don't Care' Mashup -- An artist who calls herself CheesePoncho mashed Swift's debut hit 'Tim McGraw' with the collaboration from McGraw's Big Machine debut. Both songs seem to use similar song structure, or at least this YouTuber modified one to mash with the other. Either way, we give her big creative points.

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