By now, everyone should know not to mess with Blake Shelton or those close to him. After a Houston critic dissed 'The Voice' contestant Holly Tucker, Shelton took to Twitter to post a very public and very fiery response, which Tucker says she was "touched" by.

First, let's back up and recap what happened. After Tucker was eliminated from the reality show on Wednesday (June 5), music critic Joey Guerra tweeted that the hopeful country singer isn't the contestant that fans, at least fans in Houston, "care about." Remaining Team Blake contestant Danielle Bradbery is from the Houston area, while Tucker is from several hours away.

Shelton didn't take too kindly to Guerra's message.

“It’s people like you @joeyguerra that make me sick… Holly is not only a talented singer but a great person that’s simply chasing a dream,” the singer responded. Several other profane tweets followed before the country singer apologized to his followers for his messages. “I am passionate about encouraging young people to follow their dreams,” he added. "We GOOD people don't need hate."

Although Shelton was furious, in an interview with MTV News, Tucker reported that she's doing just fine.

"It's just fuel for my fire. It's OK to have an opinion, like not everybody's going to like what I do," she says of the negative comments. "I understand that, but it's my motivation. It's what keeps me going."

The former Team Blake powerhouse added that she was touched that her coach defended her. "It means the world to see Blake was there to rush to my defense. You know, he's my coach," she says. "I'll always think of him that way. He's kind of like a father figure, in a way, just that he wants to protect us. He wants the best for us. He wants to see us succeed."

After landing in the top six finalists on 'The Voice,' the young country songstress is already receiving calls from record labels in Nashville, so one critic's opinion is clearly another's treasure. And, Tucker admits, she's still rooting for Team Blake to win this season of the show.

'The Voice' will return on Monday, June 10, as the final five contestants compete in the finale.