This was the happy ending everyone needed.

Amber Harris and boyfriend Chris Whitehill left Arizona this week for an unforgettable trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Chris Whitehill via GoFundMe
Chris Whitehill via GoFundMe

Their time at the park would be brief, however, after a bison charged at the couple the just 12 hours into their vacation.

How Did The Bison Attack The Tourists?

According to KPNX, Harris and Whitehill were watching a group of elk when they noticed two bison nearby. Then, the bison noticed them.

"We watched him drop and roll in the dirt like a dog would," Harris shared on Facebook following the incident. "He got up on his feet and started walking, then running towards up."

Whitehill told KPNX one of the bison slammed into Harris "head-on" sending her airborne.

"I think she did one or two backflips in the air," he shared with KPNX.

Harris was airlifted to a hospital in Idaho Falls, Idaho where it was determined she had sustained seven spine fractures, bilateral collapsed lungs and severe bruising.

How Did The Couple Salvage Their Trip?

The couple had been planning this vacation for year, and now they found themselves at a hospital in Idaho while Harris recovered from her injuries.

Little did she know Whitehall had additional plans for this special trip to Yellowstone.

Harris shared on Facebook that Whitehall had planned the perfect marriage proposal on a beautiful natural bridge at the park.

The couple never made it to the bridge, but that didn't stop Whitehill from following through with his proposal plans.

:"So my love got down on one knee beside my hospital bed last night and formally asked me to be his wife," Harris said in a Facebook post. "Without any hesitation, I said 'yes.'"

Whitehill has organized a GoFundMe to help with medical bills from the terrifying incident.

He says Harris will need "heavy rehabbing" as she continues to recover at the hospital in Idaho.

"Amber is a beautiful person inside and out and cherished by all," Whitehill wrote on the GoFundMe page. "We would be eternally grateful for any assistance at all."

According to the National Park Service, this was the first incident involving bison this year.

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