If you really want to get yourself into an argument, start talking to someone from the Lone Star State about what a true Texan really is. Luckily, you can settle any quarrels about the marks of a real Texan by watching Jack Ingram's 2013 Super Bowl commercial.

Ingram teamed up with grocery chain H-E-B to dispel any myths about what it takes to be 100 percent Texan. Does it mean wearing boots and a big belt buckle? Eating barbecue at every meal? Riding your horse everywhere you go?

In the 60-second clip, the Texas native talks about some of the myths he hears about his home state while he's traveling around the country playing music. As he talks about the ridiculous impression the rest of the country has about Texans, the commercial shows a man parking his horse by the street on his way to work in the morning, a teenage girl's mother making her put on a huge belt buckle before leaving the house and a man bull-riding in his backyard.

Ingram asserts that Texas isn't all boots, belt buckles and bulls -- but he admits that Texans do eat quite a bit of barbecue. And, of course, every Texan keeps a bag of H-E-B potato chips in their snack cabinet at all times.

Ingram's latest H-E-B spot will premiere Sunday, Feb. 3 in one of the coveted Super Bowl commercial spots.

Remember, if you're not from Texas, you might want to keep tight-lipped about people who live there. After all, as Ingram says, if you're not from the Lone Star State, you just don't get it.