In the latest edition of his Acoustic Motel series, Jack Ingram shares a brand-new song called 'Right for You' with his fans. The heartfelt tune touches on a relationship that's being questioned, and Ingram asks: Is it salvageable, or is it too far gone and beyond repair?

"Slowly I can feel you move away / Wishing there was something I could say / 'Cause finally I see everything that I could lose / That's why I'm praying you still think I'm right for you," Ingram sings in the emotional opening verse.

With the help of his co-pilot Natalie Hemby, this one was written when the Texas-native 'Barefoot and Crazy' singer was having an anxiety attack, which he says, is "strangely enough the best time to write songs." We're not sure what he's feeling so unsure about, but for selfish reasons, we're glad he sat down to pen this little diamond in the rough.

Not only does Ingram sound amazing as his voice echoes off of the tiled walls in the Austin, Texas motel space, but he doesn't look too shabby, either. We love the rawness of this powerful tune, and think it would make for a great next single. Hint, hint!

Watch Jack Ingram Perform 'Right for You'