Rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson's upcoming album, 'This Party Ain't Over,' gets vinyl treatment by White Stripes guitarist, producer and now inventor Jack White, who also produces and plays on the record.

White released a YouTube video (below) from the website of his record label, Third Man Records, demonstrating the 'greeting card gatefold' packaging, which, much like those new-fangled greeting cards, actually plays a clip of a song when you open up the album.

White also announced the release date for 'This Party Ain't Over,' Jan. 25, which makes sense based on our previous news story about the duo's plans to play a pair of concerts together the week before to promote the record.

You can also keep watching the video if you want to learn about White's other new invention, the 'Hair Record.'

Watch Jack White Introduce the 'Greeting Card Gatefold' Album

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