Jackie Lee’s record label keeps a close eye on his Twitter activity. His girlfriend, Tae Dye from Maddie & Tae, also keeps tabs. His manager nods briskly when the singer is asked if he’s ever overshared.

“Nothing to where it had to be taken off,” Lee says, defending his open book social media policy. “I don’t throw the F-word around.”

“I look at Twitter for what it is,” the "Getting Over You" singer adds during a conversation at Country Radio Seminar. “It’s like you’re texting with someone with no reply. It’s like you’re texting the most random thoughts out there.”

The most random thoughts get the most response. For example, Lee once tweeted that he’d meet everyone at Chili’s. There were no other details, and Lee had no plans to get down on an Oldtimer burger. Pretty soon Dye — the more pragmatic of the two — was asking about it. Fans begged for more info.

Lee is unfiltered, in the best possible way. He’s emotionally able to latch on to songs he hasn’t lived, as is the case with "Getting Over You." This song was about a friend’s breakup, written one day later. Everything was fresh, making it easy for the singer to wear the hurt as his own each time he sings it. Thus far, Lee hasn’t experienced something similar. He’s just 25 and has been dating Dye for several years.

“This isn’t a breakup song where one person is angry and the other person is hurt,” he says. “It’s like technically we know we should break up, but we don’t have a really good reason.”

Of course, Lee does have hurt to draw upon if he wants. His mother died in 2016 after a battle with cancer, but that hurt is too fresh. He’s simply not ready to write that song, but will talk about it with candor.

Look for Lee on Dan + Shay's Obsessed Tour through April 22.

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