Jacob Davis steps back from a pop-friendly sound that drives traditionalists crazy on his debut single, "What I Wanna Be." The soulful, blues guitar and bass-driven love song relies on strong musicianship and a dynamic country stylist.

If you're not hooked by the funky beat of this Taste of Country RISER's debut single, you'll find his patter is sure to get you. Davis shows a unique ability to sing with clean, staccato phrasing and not have it sound like rap or spoken word. The melody never suffers during "What I Wanna Be;" in fact, as the song reaches the bridge and chorus, it hooks even deeper.

The Shreveport, La., native is a product of his raising. He leans into horns during his live show and isn't afraid to show his dance moves. "What I Wanna Be" is an introduction to his music as much as it is the singer. Few first singles are this bold and effective.

Did You Know? Davis graduated college from Louisiana State University and started his career on an oil rig. One year later, he moved to Nashville.

Listen to Jacob Davis, "What I Wanna Be"

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Jacob Davis, "What I Wanna Be" Lyrics:

I know what you're thinking / Here comes another pickup line that you'll shoot down / Another hey whatcha drinking / From another cashmere craft beer clown / But I'm gonna say no ma'am / Cause naw, that ain't my style / But I'll bet you a slow dance / That I could change your mind.

I don't wanna be just another thing that you think about when you think about love gone wrong / I ain't into being another reason your tears fall when you hear a sad, sad song / I got love I know you're needing some / Baby let me be your number one / Second to none, whatever you want, whatever you need / That's what I wanna be, wanna be.

I wanna wake in the morning / And feel that sunshine on your face / When I lay a kiss on ya / And put some pancakes on your plate girl / Cause you need the real thing / No not that one-time, all night, lovin' and leavin' / Can't you see that that ain't me.

Girl you know I want / Your moonlight, your sunrise, your hold tight all night / That's what I wanna be / Your late night, it feels so right / Your hold tight, all night. 

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