Jaden Michaels hopes her new song "Be Anything" will speak to everyone, not just children. Like so many of the songs on the upcoming project she's a part of, the pleasing acoustic bop is a great chance for families to enjoy music together.

"Be Anything" — available for first listen exclusively on Taste of Country — is part of Growin' Up Country, an album featuring songs by Brett Young, RaeLynn, Mickey Guyton, Laci Kaye Booth, Cale Dodds and more.

"Having a little girl makes this project so special," Michaels shares. "She sings this at the top of her lungs in the car."

Bobby Hamrick, Molly Reed and Gavin Slate helped Michaels pen the song, and the singer served as executive producer for the project. One particular lyric she enjoys goes, “In a world where you can be anything / I wanna be kind, be a friend, be my own kind of different / Be the first one having fun, be a light when there isn’t one.”

"I think this message is so needed," the "Behave" and "Close to You" singer adds. "This song is for the little kid who dreams knowing that it’s possible to do and be anything your hearts desires. And I hope it can be an anthem for not only little ones, but parents too."

Growin' Up Country drops in full June 23. Michaels is an Iowa native and sister to singer Julia Michaels.

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