Country singer Janelle Arthur performed Montgomery Gentry's hit song 'Gone' on 'American Idol' Wednesday night (March 13), making a daring song choice that the judges didn't seem to think was entirely right for her.

The theme on Wednesday night required the final ten contestants to sing songs from past 'Idol' winners. Arthur chose the Montgomery Gentry song because it played a pivotal role in Scotty McCreery's breakout on the show. Producer Jimmy Iovine encouraged her to try to stretch, and Arthur acknowledged that she needs to balance her feel for traditional country material with songs that could be played on contemporary radio.

She delivered the up-tempo song with a lot of energy and polish, but by reaching out of her comfort zone, she gave a performance that tended to disguise what's special about her voice, rather than emphasize it.

Keith Urban congratulated her on her song choice, saying he liked her vocal performance. But Nicki Minaj was less convinced, telling Arthur that she felt last week's song suited her better, though she liked her confidence.

Randy Jackson agreed, saying, "That song didn't lead anywhere," although he appreciated the way she performed and worked the stage.

"Your aura was definitely giving us a star," Mariah Carey said, adding that she, too, would have preferred a song that showcased the prettier side of Arthur's voice.

The results show later in the week will reveal whether Arthur's performance was strong enough to put her through to the next round.