Jason Aldean is known for his oversized cowboy hats, pearl-snap shirt and country-bred lyrics -- but some people think that his latest single, 'Dirt Road Anthem,' is too big of a leap away from his roots. Sure, the catchy track may have a hint of rap and hip-hop spun into it, but the 'My Kinda Party' singer insists that the song is as country as he is.

Aldean invited iconic rapper Ludacris to the CMT Music Awards stage to perform the track for an all-country audience in June, but still, he defends the song -- which hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Song chart very recently -- as a unique country song, but a country song nonetheless.

"The song is a country song, I don’t care how you slice it,” Aldean urges in an interview with the Tennessean. "The basis of the song is the exact same thing I talk about in a lot of my songs, it’s just a different way of delivering it."

Aldean isn't the only country name to try his hand at a rap-country blend. In fact, Colt Ford has made an entire career out of it. But don't expect Aldean to lose his hat and boots any time soon. "For a one time deal for me, it’s different, cool and unlike anything we’ve put out," he admits. "I think country music is great, and I would never want to do anything to jeopardize that. But I think from day one I brought my flair to what I do and my version is what I think country music is. What I think country music is may not be what everyone else thinks it is."

Watch the Jason Aldean 'Dirt Road Anthem' Video