Jason Aldean's fans are a committed group, but one of them in particular, Holly Hazell, is extremely dedicated to the singer. In fact, she may be his biggest fan, as she recently attended her 100th Aldean show.

Unbeknownst to her, the 'Big Green Tractor' hitmaker wanted to help her celebrate this monumental feat.

At a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Aldean pulled Hazell onstage with him for a little surprise that her two best friends helped orchestrate. "Now, 100 shows -- I'll be honest, I don't like anybody that much; I'm just sayin'," Aldean told her to the audience's delight. "But that's a huge deal and so we got you a little present here, which is a ticket commemorating your 100th show, from us. Just want to say a huge thank you to you for the support -- not only this year and the last couple years, but since day one."

He enveloped her in a hug before she walked offstage with her autographed, giant-sized ticket to loud cheers coming from other fans. His biggest fan had the best night of her life, and you can be Aldean felt pretty good too when he saw the type of dedication his fans have to him and his music.

Hazell has been to shows in 30 states, and is always impressed with the singer's performance, no matter where she is. "It's never the same show. They're just on a whole other level than any artist I've ever seen before," she explains. "Every single show that I go to just draws me in more and more."

Her jaw-dropping experience certainly speaks to the type of stage presence and huge fanbase that Aldean has acquired over the years -- Hazell has been going to his shows since 2006.

Aldean, who co-hosted the 2013 CMT Music Awards this week, is on tour through October -- likely with Hazell in tow.