Jason Aldean is giving fans a sneak peak into his current Six String Circus Tour with his new video for "Lights Come On."

The five-minute clip combines shots of life on the road, footage from his show and interview segments with the singer. "I used to think it was cool to go and sell out a little night club somewhere or a little theater that we were playing," Aldean says at the video's start. "Now, every night to play an arena or amphitheater or stadium and this many people are here to watch your show and sing your songs back to you, it exceeds anything I've ever dreamed up."

The lead single off his upcoming seventh album, "Lights Come On" is an ode to Aldean's day job. "The phrase, 'when the lights come on' to me, it's time to go to work," he explains. "You have a lot of people out here who spent money to buy a ticket to see our show. It's our job to go out every night and make sure they have a great time and forget whatever cares they've got going on and to let loose for a little while."

The video shows footage of some of those fans getting loose, having a few beers and dancing along at his show. “That’s what I really wanted to capture with this video...that moment we step on stage and give it everything we have," he says in a press release. "I want the fans to forget their cares and let loose for a few hours. They’re the ones who have allowed us to stay around this long. They’re still here supporting us, and that is why we do what we do every night."

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