This morning (Nov. 1), Jason Aldean and his road/recording band headed back into the studio to begin working on the singer's next album. Aldean and his band were fired up and took to their Twitter pages to share the exciting news. "Starting on the new album today!!" Aldean tweeted, attaching a picture of him in the vocal booth. "Me and the boys are hard at work in the studio."

According to the Twitter account owned by Aldean's drummer, Rich Redmond, two of the album's 15 tracks had been completed by mid afternoon.

The excitement to head back into the studio has been building for weeks now, as Aldean and his producer, Michael Knox, had been narrowing down the song selection to compile the right tunes for his new project on Broken Bow Records.

"I feel like we’ve got a great record right now," Aldean told Taste of Country a few weeks ago. "If we wanted to cut songs that we have right now, I feel like we’d have a great record out of just that. The cool thing right now is that we actually have people writing for us and writing for our record. This being our fifth album, people kind of know more about what it is that we do, and they’re actually going in and writing songs to try to get on our record. That’s really helped a lot. We’ve got some great songs [picked out]."

Aldean's new album will follow in the footsteps of his critically acclaimed 'My Kinda Party' album, which spawned No. 1 singles, including the title track, 'Don't You Wanna Stay' and 'Dirt Road Anthem.' Aldean's current single, 'Tattoos on This Town,' is Top 10 and climbing this week, well on its way to becoming another chart-topping hit for the Georgia native.