The track list for Jason Aldean's new Rearview Town album reveals he's partnered with Miranda Lambert for his eighth studio album.

The two sing together on "Drowns the Whiskey," a traditional country heartbreak ballad. It's not so much a duet as a featured performance. Lambert harmonizes throughout the song, offering a female perspective that echoes the pain Aldean is living through. This is the only guest performance on the album, set for an April 13 release.

Rearview Town includes 15 songs, more than most singers include on any studio album but the same number Aldean has put on each of his four previous releases. Previously he promised an album that reflects the many genres that influenced him growing up in Macon, Ga. The single is "You Make It Easy," a straight-forward love lyric framed by slow R&B guitar licks and organ. Southern rock, metal, hip-hop and (of course) country music set songs apart from one another.

The April 13 release comes just two days before the 2018 ACM Awards where Aldean is once again nominated for Entertainer of the Year, an honor he's won for two straight years. Should he attend the ceremony the visit would come just six months after the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, which took place while he was on stage. The 41-year-old has not said how that event, the birth of his son Memphis or a relatively new marriage has affected his music.

Jason Aldean, Rearview Town Track List

1. "Dirt to Dust" (Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis, Michael Tyler)
2. "Set It Off" (Brandon Kinney, Jody Stevens, Josh Thompson)
3. "Girl Like You" (Boyer, Josh Mirenda, Tyler)
4. "You Make It Easy" (Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen)
5. "Gettin' Warmed Up" (Boyer, Mirenda, Cole Taylor)
6. "Blacktop Gone"(Brett Beavers, Derric Ruttan, Thompson)
7. "Drowns the Whiskey" (Feat. Miranda Lambert) (Kinney, Jeff Middleton, Thompson)
8. "Rearview Town" (Kelley Lovelace, Bobby Pinson, Neil Thrasher)
9. "Love Me or Don't" (Hubbard, Schmidt, Wallen)
10. "Like You Were Mine" (Kurt Allison, Jonathan Edwards, Tulley Kennedy, Brian White)
11. "Better at Being Who I Am" (Casey Beathard, Wendall Mobley, Thrasher)
12. "I'll Wait for You" (Nick Brophy, Michael Delaney, Jennifer Hanson, Thrasher)
13. "Ride All Night" (Dallas Davidson, Kyle Fishman, Houston Phillips)
14. "Up In Smoke" (Jessi Alexander, David Lee Murphy, Chris Stevens)
15. "High Noon Neon" (Tony Martin, Lee Miller, Thrasher)

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