After his big 2014 ACM Award win for Male Vocalist of the Year, Jason Aldean took a minute to tell reporters some other big news. The 'When She Says Baby' singer says he's putting the finishing touches on a brand new album.

"Actually, we're about to wrap up a new album -- to go in and put vocals on it this week," Aldean explains (quote via CMT). "I think we'll have a new single coming off of it at the end of June, first of July, something like that. And then an album dropping later this fall. We have a new tour that kicks off in May to go along with all of that. It's coming. There will be stuff before the end of the year."

Fans don't have to wait for his new music to hear new Aldean, though. The Georgia boy also contributed to a Merle Haggard tribute album put together by his record label, Broken Bow Records. He has two tracks on the album 'Working Man's Poet: A Tribute to Merle Haggard" and admits that he's a fan of the legendary country singer.

"I think a lot of people probably will listen to my music and don't realize that I grew up on a lot of traditional country music, stuff like Haggard," he says. "We did a song on there called 'Are the Good Times Really Over.' That's a song that I used to play in the clubs back before I had my record deal or anything."

"I love that stuff. I've said this numerous times. I love doing things like that. It's not necessarily what I want to go out and play for an hour and a half every night onstage, you know, but I love it."

The Haggard tribute was just released and Aldean's upcoming record has a very tentative fall release.

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