Jason Aldean's new single is wife-approved. Brittany Aldean is into rap and hip-hop more than rock music, and the singer tells Taste of Country her favorite song on 9 is "Got What I Got."

"Got What I Got" is Aldean's second single from his ninth studio album, following "We Back," which Brittany did not care for. As was the case with "You Make It Easy" from his last album, Aldean predicted his wife's response to this new song.

"I knew she was gonna love that one," he tells Taste of Country Nights' Evan and Amber.

"She likes more of the pop-sounding stuff. She's kind of a hip-hop fan — not a big fan of rock 'n roll, so she doesn't like 'We Back' and 'The Same Way.' Those kind of things are not really her jam."

"'Got What I Got' is probably her favorite song on there," he adds. Watch the full interview below.

Jason and Brittany Aldean celebrated five years of marriage over the weekend. The couple have two children together, with two more from Aldean's previous marriage. "Got What I Got" shows Britt's influence on his music — while the country singer grew up listening to hip-hop and R&B, it didn't present itself in his music until after he started seeing Brittany.

Like so many country artists, Aldean is at home during the coronavirus shutdown. He's currently renting, as the couple are building their dream home, which is expected to be move-in ready this summer.

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