Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie Xo opened their hearts and their hometown to her father Bill last year after learning that he was battling Stage 4 cancer.

Though the circumstances might be sad, many of the results have been heartwarming — like this sweet moment between Jelly and Bill, which Bunnie posted to TikTok, describing it as "chicken soup for the soul."

In the video clip, Bill is in conversation with someone — presumably Bunnie, behind the camera — and Jelly walks up behind him and plants a gentle kiss on top of his head. Bill, who's seated in his wheelchair, turns and extends his hand to Jelly.

"How's my son?" he says, as the two shake hands.

"You're looking good, man," Jelly responds, offering a smile and a warm giggle.

The family doesn't take good days for granted. Just months ago, the updates Bunnie and Jelly shared about Bill's health were fairly dire: He was running out of options for cancer treatment and had officially moved to hospice care in order to seek out palliative treatments over curative treatments.

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But last month, things took a turn in a positive direction: In a mid-February update, Bunnie and Bill agreed that he was feeling better and better, and Bunnie even said her dad was "healing."

Just days later, he was even feeling well enough to undergo hip surgery — and make jokes about getting back on a motorcycle.

  • Bunnie introduced fans to Bill in 2023, which is also when she first shared his diagnosis.
  • Bill battled cancer privately for a year, leaning only on his wife for support as he tried to heal himself through holistic remedies. Once his condition worsened, though, he reached out to his daughter.
  • Bunnie and Jelly moved Bill from Houston to Nashville, and Bunnie quickly began to focus on advocating for her dad and expanding his treatment options.

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