Jelly Roll was back in the dentist's chair this week, which meant that his wife, Bunnie Xo, was there to capture all the hilarious "Anesthesia Roll" content.

Bunnie shared a clip of Jelly's ride home from the dentist, when he was on the mend, but still clearly feeling the effects of the sedation.

Under the influence or not, Jelly makes no secret of the fact that he's head-over-heels in love with his wife — so it's no big surprise that his unfiltered comments are mostly declarations of love.

"I don't want another woman on earth but you," he vows, barely intelligible over his numb lips and perhaps the cotton packing his incisions.

"You sure about that?" Bunnie replies from behind the camera.

"I know," Jelly replies, pointing emphatically at her to drive home his point.

"There are a lot of hotties in this world," Bunnie counters.

Here's where the clip goes from sweet to — well, a little bit predictably naughty. As committed as Jelly and Bunnie are to each other, they've also always kept it real about the fact that they've faced temptation outside their marriage. Bunnie's point about the many other "hotties" in the world appears to strike a chord with her heavily-sedated husband.

"I like them hotties," he agrees thoughtfully.

Press play on the video above — or click here — to watch the full exchange, plus a hilarious shot of Jelly trying to laugh, but not being able to use any of the muscles in his mouth.

Jelly's dental work is presumably a continuation of the complete mouth reconstruction he underwent earlier this month. The singer had quite a bit of dental work to catch up on: Including getting a new set of veneers, he was also getting cavities filled, implants placed and wisdom teeth pulled out.

"I want a pretty smile," he said from the dentist's chair on that visit, also under the effects of anesthesia. "I had an ugly smile as a kid, and people picked on me and made fun of me and stuff."

Jelly's medical self-care is coming just in time for his 2024 Beautifully Broken Tour, a trek that's set to kick off in April.

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