Bunnie Xo made a rookie mistake onstage at the Houston Rodeo, when she came onstage to wave hello to fans during Jelly Roll's headlining set on Wednesday (March 6).

She dropped an F-Bomb onstage in front of nearly 75,000 fans, not realizing that the Rodeo typically asks its performers to keep their language family-friendly. After the fact, Bunnie posted a video admitting she had no idea this rule was in place.

"You're not supposed to say one bad word onstage," she said at one point in the video, "and if you do, they'll turn the lights off, kick you out and never let you come back again."

So, did the mishap get Bunnie -- and by extension, Jelly -- banned from the Rodeo for life? Well, not exactly. The Houston Rodeo shared a comment on Bunnie's post reassuring her, and all of Jelly's fans, that the mistake won't impact potential future bookings. "Y'all are always welcome at RODEOHOUSTON," the comment reads.


After that assurance that she hadn't burned any bridges, Bunnie shared another snippet from her time onstage at the Rodeo and expressed her gratitude for the experience.

"We are so honored & thankful for the opportunity," Bunnie raved. "What a legendary, iconic night. It will go down in our lives as one of the Top 5 most memorable moments...THANK YOU HOUSTON RODEO! We can't wait to come back."

What Did Bunnie Xo Say Onstage at the Houston Rodeo?

According to the footage Bunnie posted from Jelly's set, he invited her onstage and handed her the microphone so that she could say hello to his crowd of nearly 75,000 fans. "Houston, what the f--k is up?," she says into the microphone.

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At that point in the clip, Jelly turns away from the audience with what Bunnie calls "the look of despair" on his face.

  • While there's no official code of conduct for performers posted online, several fans say that the Rodeo prides itself on being family friendly and keeping onstage language clean.
  • However, if an artist has ever been banned for swearing onstage, there hasn't been much noise about it -- at least, on the Internet.
  • On March 2, Hardy also let an F-Bomb fly during his Houston Rodeo performance -- he even led the crowd in a chant of the curse word.

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