It takes a village to raise a child, and Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie Xo is opening up about how grateful their family is for everyone involved.

Last week, Bunnie posted a video on social media introducing fans to Jelly's six-year-old son -- and her stepson -- Noah. Of course, fans are already familiar with Noah's big sister Bailee, who lives with Jelly and Bunnie and frequently appears on his social media. But they've been a little more private about Noah at the request of the young boy's mother, Melisa.

Bunnie's video introduction of Noah was posted with Melisa's prior knowledge and consent, and now that fans are getting to know Jelly's younger child, Bunnie is putting a spotlight on his mama with an Instagram story slide.

"Sweet friends -- Meet Noah's beautiful mommy, Melisa," Bunnie wrote, beneath a picture of herself, Melisa and Noah together. "I wanted y'all to get to see who Babymama #2 is because we have been so public about Bailee's mama, it's only fair y'all get to see & love her as well."

Bunnie had nothing but praise for Melisa, explaining that she's an important member of the family and works hard to take care of the young boy, especially since Jelly and Bailee spend so much time away on tour.


"She's one stand up chick & we couldn't imagine our lives with her -- she holds it down for baby Noah & us especially because we are on the road so much," Bunnie continued. "It takes a village to raise these babies & luckily we have her as a part of the family. Love you girl!"

Though Jelly has been mostly quiet about his son on social media, he did share a birth announcement when Noah was born in August 2016. "God bless this child to be everything I am not! Noah Buddy DeFord," he wrote at the time. "I pray he nor Bailee ever have to pay for their father's sins."

Another snapshot posted to Facebook the day after Noah's birth announcement shows family time with Jelly, Bailee, and the newborn boy. "She's so happy to be a big sister!" the singer wrote "I've seen it all and nothing compares to this!"

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