Sugarland was hardly Jennifer Nettles' first successful musical enterprise. She fronted the Jennifer Nettles Band prior to becoming part of the now-famous group. But before that, she was one-half of a duo that MTV called "the next big band from Athens, Ga." There are some stunning similarities and differences between her current sound and the music she created as part of Soul Miner's Daughter.

Nettles and Cory Jones, two high school friends who went to lengths to assure fans and media they weren't dating, formed Soul Miner's Daughter in 1996. The group split in 1999, but not before playing Lillith Fair and recording two albums. Two things you'll notice while listening to 'Bodies,' a song from the 'The Sacred and Profane' album: Nettles didn't always sing lead, but she was always willing to take big risks lyrically.

The song is hot -- probably too hot for country radio. It's a sensual performance that leaves the crowd hooping and hollering from the very beginning. Soul Miner's Daughter cool off during other songs, many of which can be heard on YouTube. A collection of four is available here.

The Jennifer Nettles Band would last until 2002 or 2003, when she began to play with Kristian Bush and Kristen Hall. Hall left Sugarland in 2005.