In Jerrod Niemann's ‘Buzz Back Girl,’ the fun-loving country rocker is still singing about his favorite topic -- drinking -- but now it’s a bit more figurative. This time around, Niemann has a different kind of buzz ... the kind that comes from the thought of his girl.

With more than a few hits about the love of a good night out, Niemann switches things up a bit, revealing that there's something (or someone) else that has got him feeling buzzed.

"Feels like I've been drinking since early in the morning / I ain't had a drop, but something's got me going." Niemann sings in the song's opening. "Baby, don't you stop it, girl, just keep on rockin' / You know you got me droppin', like I just took a shot."

With 'Buzz Back Girl,' Niemann has hit on a classic country theme, but made his sound new and exciting. Singing about how your girl drives you crazy (in a good way) is nothing new for some of the most well-known country crooners, but with his trademark party-loving sound, Niemann makes it all his own. Plus, what girl wouldn't want to hear that the thought of her makes her guy feel a little tipsy?

With 'Buzz Back Girl' Niemann has traded in the auto-tune sound of ‘Donkey’ and ‘Drink to That All Night’ for a more traditional country sound, but still holds on to the rock 'n roll vibe that makes him unique. The foundation of a hearty and infectious guitar melody certainly helps, and with the addition of strategically placed beat-boxing and record scratching, ‘Buzz Back Girl’ is just pure fun.

Why Fans Will Love It: ‘Buzz Back Girl' brings Niemann back to a more approachable sound for country fans while still remaining unique, catchy and tons of fun.

Key Lyrics: “Looking like that, looking like that / You don't even know what you're doin' to me ?/ You got my buzz back, girl, my buzz back, girl / Woke up hungover, hungover this mornin' / I called, you came over / You got my buzz back, girl, my buzz back, girl."

Did You Know?: Jerrod Niemann may be known as a country singer with a rocker edge, but did you know he's ventured into the hip-hop world as well? He recently partnered up with Cuban rapper Pitbull for a remix of his hit 'Drink to That All Night.'

Listen to Jerrod Niemann, 'Buzz Back Girl'

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