Jerrod Niemann has a new job as a bartender -- well, sort of. In his interactive music video for 'Drink to That All Night,' the singer plays the duty of a barkeeper, and you'll feel like you're sitting across the counter from him, ordering up your favorite drinks, even if you're on your couch.

The video is unlike any music video we've seen. It's cool, it's creative and downright smart. The interaction begins with the text "Want to hear Jerrod Niemann's new single 'Drink to That All Night'?" and continues, "Choose the correct drink option to hear the full song."

Then, it fades out to a well-stocked bar, and Niemann appears wearing a T-shirt and cap, ready to take your order -- literally. "Oh, hey!" he begins. "I'm Jerrod Niemann and welcome to my bar. I gotta say, you look pretty thirsty, so what will it be?"

If you're like us, you might stare at the screen for a moment as the menu comes down with a handful of clickable options, ranging from sweet tea to an appletini to good old moonshine.

And if you hesitate on your order, keep in mind that it's an interactive video -- Niemann is not afraid to interact with the camera (and his fans). As he waits patiently, it actually seems like he's speaking to you. "You pick it, and I'll make it," he cajoles. If you go for a while longer without choosing anything, he reminds you of howt thirsty you really do look.

At that point, you may nervously look around the room, half expecting to see the country singer standing there, tapping his foot.

When you click on the different options (and we'd recommend you click on all of them), it's hilarious to see Niemann's reactions to some of the orders -- especially sweet tea. Eventually, you'll not only find out which menu item is his favorite, but also 'order' the drink that gets the song playing.

When the song starts playing, that's when you'll really feel like you're sitting at the bar, tipping back a brewsky and listening to Niemann's catchy tune. We're not going to give away the secret, though. See for yourself.

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