Jerrod Niemann doesn't have to search too far for a good reason to have a celebratory drink these days. As his new single, 'Shinin' on Me,' makes its way up the charts, the singer prepares to release the full album to go along with it. Niemann's sophomore album, 'Free the Music,' is set to hit stores on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

As far as the rest of the songs on the album, Niemann says fans can expect a project that covers each end of the musical spectrum -- and everything in between.

"'Free the Music' is an album where I wanted to do just that," the singer reveals. "It's a project honoring many different layers and colors that have appeared in the country genre since recorded music began."

The album is a project which took two years to create, as Niemann didn't want to rush into anything. He also opted to incorporate less traditional sounds into the album, including the addition of brasswind horns. And if you're wondering why the current single has such a live feel to it, it's probably because Niemann worked with his road band on the album, rather than hiring studio musicians to lay down the tracks.

Fans can pre-order 'Free the Music' now by clicking here. Stay tuned to Taste of Country for our exclusive sit-down with Niemann about the new project and what's next to come in his career.