For the first time, country fans may confuse Jerrod Niemann with someone else on the radio. His first two hits -- 'Lover, Lover' and 'What Do You Want' -- were different from anything released to country radio in the last five years. This worked both for and against the 31-year-old; some loved the new style, while others were left scratching their heads. Niemann's 'One More Drinkin' Song' is by far the most accessible of his career so far.

The song is actually a re-release for Niemann. He self-promoted the song between record label gigs in 2009. It's a simple story: The Kansas raised singer tells of a day spent songwriting. It's difficult, he sings, to choose between writing a love song, heartbreak song or a song about money.

"Hey hey hey, what's so wrong / With one more drinkin' song / Pull up your cups and sing along / To one more drinkin' song," he sings. The beat is simple with its laid back guitar picking and a few hand drums mixed in early and often.

From the very beginning it sounds like something George Strait would love to get his hands on, if straight up drinking songs fit the legend's reputation. Niemann sounds a bit like Strait -- that's never a bad thing -- and carries through the story in "The King's" familiar and comfortable manner.

"And if by chance this brings you cheer / Maybe someday you'll bring me a beer / Or not to mention my favorite drink / A Margra-daquiri-screwalotta-on-the-beach," he sings in the second verse. It's a Niemann original, and it's from here he really begins to put his stamp on what could very well be his biggest hit to date.

With the lyrics "and here's to bartenders / Trying to get paid / While all of us are trying to get... [funny guitar slide]," no doubt fans are already shouting the words back to him during concerts. This is a singalong song, as the last 30 seconds prove by fading away a la Tracy Byrd's 'Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo.' Even though 'One More Drinkin' Song' lacks the artistic depth of Niemann's first releases, the song is Niemann's best chance to establish himself as a hitmaker.

Listen to Jerrod Niemann, 'One More Drinkin' Song'