Jessie James Decker is the epitome of a working mother in the country music world, but she finds ways to strike a balance, even if it means including her husband and kids in her music projects. Eric Decker was eager to join her for the new music video for her single "Lights Down Low" — but why wouldn't he be?

"There was no convincing Eric to do the video, because the alternative was having some other guy all over me in a music video," Decker says, adding that her NFL-playing husband doesn't really mind. "He's great in the entertainment world and he's so gorgeous and comfortable in front of the camera, it's nothing for him."

"Lights Down Low" is an uptempo love song about finding time for romance between the day-to-day chores of a career and parenting. That's certainly something Decker can relate to. She and Eric have two kids: Vivianne Rose and Eric Decker II. Her upcoming album promises to be very personal, because as a writer she needs to feel very attached to what comes out of her pen.

"I do have some songs where it is about my relationship with my husband and it does get very personal," the singer says.

Decker is known for pushing the boundaries in ways other artists may be afraid to do. While pregnant with Vivianne, she and Eric posed for a very sexy photo spread in GQ. On stage she's pretty unfiltered, but now that she's a mom she admits she's doing her best to always be a good example. That means sometimes putting her kids first at the expense of her career.

"I say 'No' to things every single day," she shares. "For example, tomorrow's my son's birthday ... and they wanted to book me doing some work-related music stuff and as much as I know I needed to do that, the answer was 'No.'"

There's no timetable for when Decker's new album will be available. "Lights Down Low" was shipped to radio this week.

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