Growing up as a little girl in Pennsylvania, Jillian Jacqueline could only dream of a day when she would collaborate with one of her musical heroes. And in her song “If I Were You,” she got to do that—with none other than Keith Urban.

“’If I Were You’ will always be so special to me because of Keith,” says Jacqueline during a recent interview with Taste of Country, regarding the song that is featured on her new six-track EP Side B. “When we started talking about collaborating with someone for it, they mentioned Keith Urban and I kind of laughed, but they sent it to him and he loved it. He took the song to such a powerful place.”

Jacqueline’s collab with the Aussie superstar is just one of the many highlights on her new EP, which also includes songs such as “Sad Girls,” “Tragic” and “Priorities.”

“My first EP Side A was sort of like jumping off a cliff naked,” she laughs. “But Side B is like the other half of my story. In fact, many people have said that the songs on Side B essentially tell the other half of the stories that began on Side A. They show the other side of the tough moments I sing about.”

And moving forward, Jacqueline says she has every intention to continue singing about those tough moments, and letting her honesty speak her truth within her music.

“Honesty is going to be the major theme of my next wave of music,” she concludes. “I have never deliberately tried to be different. I just wanted to make music that I wanted to listen to. I know its risky because it doesn’t really sound like the country music that’s currently out there, but it’s worth it.”

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