Jillian Jacqueline finds the purity in a broken heart in her new song "Sad Girls."

The rising star continues to prove herself as a gifted songwriter with another track that finds a wounded soul at its core. "Sad Girls" tells the story of a woman trapped in an unhealthy relationship, one she shouldn't stay in, but she can't summon the drive to leave.

Jacqueline uses a serene voice to tell a melancholy story that features a folk-leaning melody with a simple acoustic guitar. "You can't jump out of the car right now / If it's too damn far to walk alone / His hand on the wheel while the rain comes down / And you don't have a cigarette to smoke / In a way he says he's sorry / Makes you feel so small," she sings peacefully.

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Jacqueline embraces the themes of broken hearts and bruised souls in other tracks like "God Bless This Mess," "Hate Me" and "Sugar and Salt," and she enlisted superstar Keith Urban to be a featured vocalist on the equally powerful "If I Were You."

She co-wrote "Sad Girls" with Lori McKenna and calls it "one of my favorite things."

"It's really one of those songs that feels like a vignette, like a movie in a song. You hear the lyrics and you see the girl and the guy," she describes in a fan-captured video at the 2018 Country to Country Festival in Europe, also confirming that the song will appear on her upcoming album.

The up-and-coming star became engaged to fiancee Bryan Brown in March of 2018 when Brown popped the question in one of the most romantic ways, near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Jacqueline was named one of Taste of Country's Who's RISING Now? artists for September of 2018 and is anticipating a 2018 release for her new EP, Side B. 

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