Jillian Jacqueline truly has her hands full at the moment. From the release of her new EP Side B to her plans to hit the road alongside Kip Moore at the end of September, the country music rising star has much on her mind. But on top of everything else, she is also planning a wedding, and still has some big decisions on her plate.

“Picking a DJ has been our hardest decision to make so far,” laughs Jacqueline, who got engaged to longtime boyfriend Bryan Brown in March in Paris. “Bryan has been very involved, but let's just say that he has real opinions about the music.”

And while she might find herself smack dab in the middle of one of the busiest times of her budding career, Jacqueline has found a way to carve out time for wedding planning.

“The first month after we got engaged, I was super busy, so I was just being super lax about getting anything done,” admits Jacqueline in a recent interview with Taste of Country. “But by the second month, I started with all of these spreadsheets and stuff and getting really organized. I really surprised myself.”

Jacqueline says she hopes that all of this work will pay off in the long run: “We are getting everything planned out now so we don’t have to worry about anything later,” she says.

And yes, the upcoming wedding has Jacqueline even changing her routine when it comes to her own music. “I wasn’t a love song kind of person, but the last few months I have certainly written my share of love songs,” she says. “Life continuously surprises you.”

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