Jimmy Wayne logged 1,700 miles by foot last year when he walked from Nashville, Tenn. to Phoenix, Ariz. on his Meet Me Halfway campaign, designed to raise awareness for homeless teens. Even though he completed the walk in August, the buzz is still going strong six months later.

Last week, the Tennessee State Treasury asked Wayne to come to the State Capitol building in Nashville where the singer was presented with a check for Meet Me Halfway. Throughout the month of December, employees at the Tennessee State Treasury Department adopted Meet Me Halfway as their charitable project, and raised $2,100 from employee donations, which blew Wayne away.

"I want to thank the Tennessee Treasury Department employees for their personal contribution to project MMH," Wayne tells Taste of Country. "One hundred percent of this money goes towards project MMH, along with every penny, nickel, dime and quarter I found alongside the highways from Nashville to Phoenix and other donations made from fans and supporters. It's all about change for change.

"The contribution they personally made out of their own pockets speaks volumes and about who we have 'up there on the hill.' I believe this is the second step to getting a law/bill in place where our youth can receive resources they deserve until they reach 21 instead if 18, as long as they're meeting us halfway by going to school or working. Let's continue walking together."

Wayne will head into the studio this month to begin work on a full-length album which was inspired by project Meet Me Halfway. To keep up with the latest news regarding the campaign, follow Wayne on Twitter here.

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