Being on the road a lot can take its toll on country stars, especially when they have to leave a family behind. Joe Nichols makes it a point to take his family along for the ride whenever it's possible, because he knows it's not always easy for them.

“With ‘Sunny and 75’ doing so great, it’s validating and that’s a tremendous feeling,” Nichols said about his current hit (quote via Country Weekly). “It’s been worth all the struggles to get here, but the people that probably paid the biggest price is my family. Missing them and being gone a lot and not being able to be there and experience a lot of things with them, that’s worth noting.”

Of course, the singer is referring to his wife, Heather, and his baby girl, Dylan. To help him make it easier on the family of three, he takes them along whenever he possibly can.

“If it’s a long trip, then it’s probably not a good idea, but if it’s an easy stop-to-stop trip, if there are four dates in a row that are short drives overnight that we can get to with ease, then it makes more sense," he explained. "We’ve done that before and it’s great. It makes the road feel much less like an away-from-home deal, and I appreciate that.”