Joe Nichols is a household name to country fans, but at home he keeps the music industry discussion to a minimum. In an interview with the Boot, Nichols says while his young daughters are aware of his job, it's not a big topic at their house.

“We try to keep work out of their face; I don’t want to raise them in ‘Daddy does this, and that’s what the family is all about,’” he says.

Nichols is the father of three daughters; 4-year-old Dylan, 2-year-old Georgia and Ashelyn, a teenager, from a previous relationship.

“To me, and [wife] Heather agrees, it’s not something we want to push on them,” he adds. “They’re aware of what I do, but, I think, at home, it’s all about them — what they’re going to do in their future — rather than what Daddy does when he leaves the house.”

His daughters have been to a few shows, but they still haven't quite put it all together.

“They looked dumbfounded when there’s a crowd singing Daddy’s songs,” he admits.

Nichols has enjoyed a long career, and the country singer says the thrill of having a No. 1 song, selling records and having fans come out to his live shows has never wavered.

“I think the biggest difference is I think I appreciate it more,” Nichols previously told Taste of Country. “My age is telling me that I should appreciate every moment that I’ve been given in this business. In my 20s, I was like, ‘Eh. Probably will always happen.’ In my 30s I’m more appreciative of the success we do have.”

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