Joe Nichols' latest single, 'Take It Off,' is a fun-loving tune about forgetting about your troubles and seeking the joys in taking things off -- but not just your clothing! Written by Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley and Kelley Lovelace, the song is the perfect summertime anthem which is sure to become an instant hit with the singer's fan base.

"You've got the weight of the world on your shoulders / Gotta week of worries on your mind / Go on do what you want to do / Soak you up a little sunshine / Dig your hand down in a cooler / Grab a cold one and twist the top / Take it off," Nichols sings in the chorus.

"Ashley and Kelley came over to my office, and they had been working on it a little bit," Davidson tells Taste of Country. "They had the title, ‘Take It Off,’ and we were trying to twist ‘take it off’ besides the obvious being take off your clothes, and make it a little country clean."

"Are you feeling the summertime heat / Got the top up on your jeep / Take it off / Go on now take it off / Got the boat up on a trailer / Back it down in a river / Take it off / Go on now take it off," Nichols sings in the opening verse.

"We hook up a boat and 'take it off,' we get in the water, we twist the top and 'take it off' ... but we do 'take it off' at the end of the song," adds Davidson with a smile. "We put all that stuff in there and made it a real fun summer song. I think his fans are going to like it. It’s fun. It was fun to write, and when Joe sings stuff he makes it sound a lot better. It will be a good summer song."

Watch Joe Nichols Perform 'Take It Off'