When life hands you a broken down vehicle, you throw a parking lot party ... right? At least, that's what Joel Crouse does when his tour van breaks down in his new video for 'If You Want Some.'

Anyone who has toured the country knows that sometimes, cars break down -- usually in the most inconvenient way possible. Crouse channels that aspect of being a touring artist in 'If You Want Some,' when his van breaks down and his band has to push it into a parking lot.

If you're the kind of guy who can play a mean guitar riff -- and Crouse is -- the only thing to do when you're stranded on a hot day is to play music. In the video, he turns lemons into lemonade by texting friends and telling them that his gig location has changed.

People gather in the parking lot, but it wouldn't be a real party without a little beer. Crouse and his pals hit up a convenient store to stock up on bottles and a keg. By the time the clip ends, a cop is doing a keg stand and everyone's having a good time.

Crouse, 21, is serving as an opening act on Taylor Swift's Red Tour through the end of July, and he recently made his Grand Ole Opry debut.


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