They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and that may just be how American Idol hopeful John Arthur Greene earned his golden ticket to Hollywood. Well, his talent probably helped, too.

Greene stepped into his American Idol Farewell Season audition with a smile and a guitar to perform a rendition of judge Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You." While the North Carolina native probably would have won all of our votes, the judges weren't quite sure what to think.

While waiting his verdict, Greene revealed another side of himself beyond the guitar-playing heartthrob. He is currently on the Broadway show Matilda and fell for music at the early age of eight as a way to cope with the loss of his then 5-year-old brother. His brother passed away due to what started as an innocent game of "cops and robbers" and turned into a heartbreaking accident.

"My brother passed away when I was eight, and that was where everything shifted," Greene shares. "And that's where music became a survival mechanism."

While Harry Connick Jr. thought the 27-year-old had a strong voice, he passed on the opportunity to send him to the next round. Jennifer Lopez had hesitations if he would be able to keep up with the rest of the bunch at later auditions, but wanted to see what else he could do, so she gave the go ahead.

But it all came down to Urban.

"I'm curious to know what else you can do," Urban confesses in the above clip. "So I'm going to say yes."

Congratulations, Greene — you would have made your brother proud.

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