John King's 'Tonight Tonight' has everything fans love about new country music -- a great hook over a strong beat, all built sturdy country voice. King solidly follows in the footsteps of many modern country hitmakers, unveiling a debut single that is fun and catchy and will immediately have one hitting repeat for a second listen.

'Tonight Tonight' is a "working for the weekend" kind of song. "I'm workin for a paycheck / That barely makes it / Livin' for a dream I / I've got to chase it." King sings of the everyday working-man's grind.

But all is not lost. King may be working for the weekend, but he's gonna enjoy that weekend for all it's worth. And fans will be more than happy to join him.

"Thank God it's Friday / I get out early / I've got my friends and I've got my money / the beat goes on. / And everybody knows / Tonight tonight, tonight tonight / Is gonna be / The best night of our lives."

'Tonight Tonight' comes with a unique message. King doesn't want us just heading out for a couple days of drinking and tailgating. This is a country-rock call for listeners to stop and smell the roses -- to appreciate all the life around them apart from that pesky nine to five job.

"It's Sunday morning / the sun is rising / look at the colors, they're mesmerizing" King sings in the last verse. The weekend may be ending, but John King has made the most of it.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Tonight Tonight' is a catchy track -- the kind of song you listen to on your way home from work on Friday, anticipating the promise of the weekend laid out like a blank page before you.

Key Lyrics: "And everybody knows / Tonight tonight tonight tonight / Is gonna be / The best night of our lives / Take it in for a minute, yeah."

Did You Know?: King may be new to the country scene but he's already opened for big names like Florida Georgia Line, Kip Moore, Brantley Gilbert and Jason Aldean.

Listen to John King, 'Tonight Tonight'