Kacey Musgraves isn't one to follow what everyone else is doing. That's why instead of trucks, beer and tailgating, her 'Follow Your Arrow' video is kitschy western!

From the get-go, it's obvious that the idea for 'Follow Your Arrow' involved interesting characters and a really fun vibe.

The video begins with shots of the gorgeous, desolate and very dry scenery of Joshua Tree, located in the Mojave Desert. Then, an arrow stuck vertically in the sand appears, and a pair of cowgirl boots come walking up beside the arrow. It's Musgraves in those boots, followed by her all-male band.

Donning short shorts, a white tee and a holster with handguns, she's a stunning vision in the desert. Musgraves' band members -- wearing elaborate, brilliantly blue Nudie suits, covered in rhinestones and sporting sunglasses -- kick up the dust as the music begins. The scenery is all shot in the desert, but the location changes from an abandoned furniture store to a tiny church, to the wide open desert with mountains backing the scene.

Filled with lots and lots of arrows, a few outfit changes by Musgraves, a dancing priest, a pony and billowing clouds of dust, the 'Follow Your Arrow' video is super entertaining and not only fun to watch, but also was a little dangerous -- Musgraves sustained a minor injury during the shooting!

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