Kalie Shorr is opening the book on her broken heart. She's exposing all of the pieces and torn pages in the tearjerking, vulnerable new music video for her song "Escape," which was inspired by the loss of Shorr's sister, Ashley, in 2019 after she overdosed on heroin.

The music video does not hold back in conveying its heartbreaking message. Composed of home-shot video footage of Shorr and her family, the set of visuals switches between the emotional clips and Shorr in the present, who can be seen seated on an empty sound stage singing about all of the various ways to "escape."

"Everybody’s got a place where all their money goes / Everybody’s got a high that sweetens up the lows / Getting out of bed is hard if you don’t have a reason / Everybody needs an escape, and mine was leaving," Shorr sings across the affecting footage

As the video continues, Shorr's heartbreak begins to show. The singer-songwriter cries, hoping to be reunited with Ashley, and puts a spotlight on the effects that substance abuse can have on family and loved ones.

One of the most tearjerking moments in the "Escape" music video comes comes around the 3-and-a-half minute mark, when a younger version of Shorr is asked if she has a message for Ashley. Shorr replies with, "I love you and I hope I can see you soon," which further drives home the message of the song and the video.

"Escape" is featured on Shorr's debut album, Open Book, which lays her life story out in great detail, such as on "Too Much to Say." Shorr is currently on her first headlining tour, which began on Jan. 31 in Nashville and will wrap up May 16 in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

To watch Shorr's emotional "Escape" music video, click above.

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