It'd be misleading to call Katie Armiger a "newcomer," as the 19-year-old is busy crafting her fourth album. Since debuting in 2007, Armiger has grown into a talented young woman, but her new song 'I Do But Do I' shows she's still vulnerable to traps familiar to more ordinary teenagers.

The three minute pop-country ditty is harmless enough, and it's doubtful anyone will object to hearing a Bonnie Raitt-esque song on the radio. It sings like a drive through Iowa in that one tends to get distracted by anything that moves. "This is moving way too fast to last too long / Still it feels so right I can't tell right from wrong / Can't make up my mind but my heart's as good as gone," Armiger sings during a very vanilla second verse.

The chorus is catchy, but instead of sounding sweet and innocent, the Texas born singer sounds insecure and indecisive. "I think I do but do I / I think I do but do I / I think I do but do I really love you." The same words could be used to describe young love, or young boredom, or even young hunger. Do you want to eat at Applebee's tonight? "I think I do but do I / I think I do but do I ..." Argh.

The bridge provides a nice curve in the road, but anyone with a healthy self image will avoid that curve a second time. "In case you haven't noticed I've been waiting on you / To tell me if I'm living up to your expectations / Tell me I can take it / Right now boy / Tell me, do I rock your world / I think I do."

Armiger seems caught between innocence and adulthood on this song. On one hand she tries to appeal to teenage girls, but also seems to realize she's aging out of that role. In trying to win over both audiences, she misses her exit. The good news is she's proven she'll do the required work to become a star, and has the talent and spirit to accept advice and change. Now she needs the right song, and a good map.

Listen to Katie Armiger, 'I Do But Do I'