Those flames, they're real. No, not just the metaphorical flames shooting from the head of Katie Armiger's scorned vixen in her new 'Playin' With Fire' video. It was up to her to do the welding and flame-throwing during the clip's dramatic final scene. It wouldn't be accurate to call the singer an expert necessarily. OK, she had no idea what she was doing.

"If you ask me what the tools are called I would not be able to tell you," Armiger tells Taste of Country, "but they are definitely power tools, that I probably should be trained to use."

A Fire Marshall was on hand to make sure Armiger didn't burn down Nashville. Early in the clip she's under a welder's mask, because they didn't have time to hire a stunt double. "They told me 'You're on your own.'"

"I was a little nervous."

The song is about flirting with Mr. Wrong, the bad boy you know will break your heart. As with all the songs on her 'Fall Into Me' album, it was inspired by a relationship, but she wouldn't say if this particular track was born from her bad boy ex, or a friend's.

"There are tons of guys out there that are just not right for you," Armiger says. "There are definitely ones that you're attracted to and you go 'This is not gonna work out' … but you kinda have to go for it at the time because you're so into that person for some reason or another."

She didn't get to keep the fire gun to show to future bad boy boyfriends. It probably wouldn't make a good red carpet accessory. Getting dolled up for shows like the recent ACM Awards in Las Vegas is a passion of Armiger's. Her silver gown certainly drew some stares and rave reviews. Armiger said it reminded her of a mermaid, and once she saw it she knew.

Of course she was still nervous.

It definitely makes you a little anxious because they're are some people out there that will love what you're wearing regardless … and people that really don't like it. So you sit there and go 'Oh gosh, I hope you all like it. I hope I look pretty.'"

Katie Armiger, fashion correspondent? Maybe. The Sugar Land, Texas native says Jana Kramer stole the show on April 7. "It was almost Egyptian looking and I just thought it was really, really pretty." Check out pictures of both women below.

Katie Armiger, Jana Kramer
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

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