In her latest single, 'Playing With Fire,' Katie Armiger is most definitely showing off her feisty side. And as incendiary as her lyrics are, Armiger only gets tougher in the music video for the tune, thanks to a whole lot of orange flames.

With a name like 'Playing With Fire,' it's only natural to expect some heat in the three-minute clip. Armiger delivers on that unspoken promise, as she stands in the opening shot of the video with sparks from a welding torch shooting across the screen. The tough-as-nails country girl is in a workshop, welding a piece of metal, surrounded by power tools and a strategically placed can of oxygen.

For part of the 'Playing With Fire' video, Armiger is sitting in a hallway singing, while more sparks shoot across the screen. When the chorus hits, the cameras cut to the fiery songstress singing with her band in front of shooting orange flames.

Apparently, a few sparks and flames aren't enough for Armiger. Near the end of the song, she modifies a few cans of oxygen to create a gun that will shoot fire. As she sings the last chorus, the songstress walks outside and ignites a structure. The video ends with her walking away from the flames.

'Playing With Fire' is the second single off of Armiger's latest album, 'Fall Into Me.' The 21-year-old country singer's record has hit No. 7 on the Top Country Albums chart, and it looks like it might just keep climbing.

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