You may want to grab a tissue before you watch Katie Armiger's emotional 'Safe' video. The single from her upcoming album and the accompanying video are both dedicated to our first responders. 

The emotionally intense clip specifically pays tribute to those hardworking fireman that keep us safe every day. 'Safe' starts out with a blazing fire and a mom in search of her three-year-old son, Elijah, amidst the blazes. A selfless fireman assures the distraught mother, "Don't worry, I'm gonna find your boy."

The video, which isn't set in chronological order, skips over to Armiger in the desert with a broken-down car. A handsome stranger comes to her rescue before the blazing fire scenes are back, and the fireman is desperately searching for the crying little boy.

Armiger eventually falls in love with the stranger who rescued her, and they're seen in bed together before she leaves him a note with lyrics from her song. The note tells him she feels safe with him.

The singer's romantic man eventually proposes in that same spot where he once helped his fiancee when she was broken down. But not long after, the music stops and the reality of the fire once again sets in. The little boy's cry is finally heard through the blaze, and the man assures the boy that it's OK -- because he's a fireman.

When the man takes off his mask, it's revealed that he's none other than Armiger's sweet stranger! Then, it's the middle of the night and Armiger's phone rings. The little boy is taken from the fire and returned to his mother who is crying from happiness and relief. The life-saving fireman is carried out from the fire and placed on the ground as Armiger watches and cries.

The video then goes black as the words these words are shown on the screen: “In honor of the brave men and women who keep us safe and the families who love them."