Reba McEntire's 'Pray for Peace' video features contributions from fans around the world, and one especially recognizable 'fan' and his family have joined the legendary singer's cause.

Keith Urban and his family cut a video of their own to help McEntire in her fight for peace. In the black and white clip, the star is joined by wife Nicole Kidman and their two daughters, Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose. The beautiful video shows the four of them sitting together on the floor practicing McEntire's 'Pray for Peace' motions.

Urban, sporting all black, wears a big smile among his favorite girls. Next to him is his wife, wearing a long, white, floral-embroidered dress. Kidman looks peaceful with her head down, eyes closed and arms ready to pray for peace. The couple's youngest daughter, Faith Margaret, sits close to mommy in the video, while Sunday Rose looks more like mom in her pose -- calm and peaceful.

McEntire's hashtag for the song comes across the screen next, reminding everyone why, exactly, Urban and his girls created the video. Check out the original video by McEntire in which she has fans join her in her prayer.

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