Keith Urban has revealed that he's working on a new album. The singer-songwriter and guitarist has been in the studio with several different producers on songs for a project that he hopes to release in the fall.

Urban tells USA Today that he's been working with Nathan Chapman -- who produced his current single 'Little Bit of Everything' -- as well as Butch Walker, who's known primarily for his work with pop-rock artists like Avril Lavigne. He's also worked with at least three other producers on various tracks.

"It's been incredibly liberating, creatively, for me," he says. "I don't know why that is, because I've always been fortunate enough to make the records I want to make. I think just working with other people has just been a really enjoyable thing."

As a result, Urban has more than enough songs for the album already. "Of course, if someone sends something that just hits the mark, then I'm going to figure out how to get in and record it," he notes.

The new album is titled 'Fuse,' and fans can expect to hear at least some of the songs from it when Urban launches his Light the Fuse World Tour 2013 on July 18 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Urban admits he doesn't know how fans will react to hearing new songs live before the record comes out.

"I'll probably space it out, slipping a new one in every three or four songs," he states. "I should imagine three or four, maybe five new songs, and see how we go."

Though Urban's got a lot on his plate coming up, that doesn't necessarily mean we won't be seeing him on 'American Idol' next year. The singer recently said he would like to return as a judge next year for Season 13 of the hit reality singing competition.