Keith Urban says part of the inspiration for his new "Raise 'Em Up" music video came from watching his girls play. They were jumping up and down and he was filming them in slow motion. That's quite literally what happens in this clip for the fifth single from Fuse.

"We put "Raise ‘Em Up" on and were watching this film of our girls and they just went together beautifully," Urban says. "It was so simple, and emotional, and it captured some of the spirit of what I feel is at the heart of this song.”

Eric Church co-stars in the new video, released on Conan O'Brien's TeamCoCo website. The two share the stage throughout the video, and seem to have a genuine camaraderie. Church's comments seem to reflect what fans see as they watch.

"My favorite part of this video were the candid moments that were captured between Keith and I on film,” he says. “It's cool that a number of those made it in the final version. To me, they really reify the emotion of the moment and experience."

"Raise em' up, trophy high / Raise em' up to the sky / Raise em' up, show everybody that newborn smile / Raise ‘em up tall and strong / Raise ‘em up right from wrong / Raise em' up so damn high they can hear God singing along," they sing at the final chorus.

The "Raise 'Em Up" music video was filmed in Nashville in February. The two plan on singing the song during the 2015 ACM Awards on CBS April 19.

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