It's no secret that country star Keith Urban looks good on the red carpet -- and everywhere else. So, what's the secret to his enviable fashion sense?

He credits some of it to his marriage with actress Nicole Kidman, which celebrates its seventh anniversary recently.

When discussing his spiffy red carpet look with In Style, the country crooner laughs and says, "It’s the evolution of a good marriage." However, his leggy wife and solid relationship can't take all the credit for his smart dressing.

"Some of that comes with success as well," the singer adds. "The folks at Prada have always been helpful to me. I like more of a rock-and-roll cut of pants, lower on the hips rather than the high-waist ones that come with a classic suit. I love hand-tied bow ties. The classic simplicity and tailoring of ’20s- and ’30s-style clothes are beautiful and timeless.”

The 'Little Bit of Everything' hitmaker also has a rule with the clothes he wears. “I don’t suffer for fashion,” Urban states. “If you don’t feel comfortable, then the clothes wear you.” Although he brings out the bow tie on the red carpet, onstage, he rocks a more casual, comfortable look that emphasizes his toned physique (which certainly makes fans go crazy).

The confident and suave singer certainly knows what he likes and doesn't like -- at least in the fashion industry -- and that even translates to women, as he's particular about a few trends as of late, especially the neon craze.

When asked about what he likes a woman to wear, Urban replies, “It depends. It’s got to be about the person -- what her personality is like, how she’s built, and just the way she moves. But in general, I don’t like overly colorful stretchy clothes, especially pants. You know what I’m talking about?" He continues, "Really bright, bright oranges and blues. It’s not my thing.” Well, Kidman always looks demure and sophisticated, and isn't really a neon type of gal.

With a new album coming this fall and the second leg of his Light the Fuse Tour taking off this July, Urban has a busy few months ahead of him. He and Kidman are also planning on renewing their vows this month in Australia, keeping both their marriage strong and Urban's high style in check.